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Can a family counselor prescribe medication?

Can a family counselor prescribe medication?

3 Answers

Bradon Answered:

The ability to prescribe medication isbased on your family counselor’s credentials and can vary by state. Usually medications are prescribed by a psychiatrist at first, which may then be maintained by a family doctor. On occasion, your primary care physician may prescribe psychiatric medications without a psychiatric consult. Then there is an option to see a psychiatric nurse practitioner, who can write prescriptions just as any other nurse practitioner. Most family counselors have masters degrees, and are trained in making diagnoses and providing group or individual therapy. They also usually offer a good range of other non-pharmaceutical forms of treatment.

Aquiline Answered:

Counselors, generally, cannot prescribe medications. Usually they work in conjunction with a psychiatrist who can diagnose and prescribe needed medications.

Borntobe Answered:

Only psychologist or psychiatrists can prescribe medicaments.

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