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Why do open marriages not work?

Why do open marriages not work?

5 Answers

Bradon Answered:

Many people try open relationships and it causes more problems than it solves. This could be due to a number of factors. Open marriages require 100% openness, honesty, and communication. This is hard for many couples but entirely necessary to maintain trust in an open relationship. Some people may find that sex outside the relationship leads them to bond more strongly with someone other than their spouse. This causes difficulty because it sets up competition. When this happens, a couple may wish to take a break from outside relationships and work to improve their marital bond.

Geary3 Answered:

Open marriages do not pave the way for the trust and commitment that is necessary for a healthy marriage.

Joseph Answered:

Marriage is intended to be a lifelong manogamous commitment between one man and one woman, and open marriage are foundationally flawed because they do not honor the commitment of marriage.

Jonesfamilyof5 Answered:

Open marriages create extra conflict if the guidelines are not very clear. This extra conflict usually stems from jealousy and secrets.

Borntobe Answered:

An open marriage only works for very few. There is a difference between theory and real life. In real life you´ll feel jeaulous and hurt and in the end it will distroy your relation.

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