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Why do I want an open marriage?

Why do I want an open marriage?

3 Answers

Bradon Answered:

You may want an open marriage if: · You have a strong bond with your partner, but sex is unsatisfying for one or both parties · Your relationship is based on trust, and there is no history of infidelity · You are sexually adventurous but your partner is not, or vice versa · Your sexual desires are impossible to fulfill within the marriage (i.e., multiple partners are desired and/or your spouse’s sexuality doesn’t match your fantasy) · Both parties agree that an open marriage is the right choice If you and your spouse cannot agree that open marriage is a good option, then you shouldn’t do it.

Jonesfamilyof5 Answered:

Some people want an open marriage because it allows for expression outside of their relationship with their spouse. This elimintates the idea of cheating, because extra-marital affairs are allowed in this situation.

Borntobe Answered:

I want an open marriage because i feel the need to share my intimacy and sex with more than one person.

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