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How do i support marriage equality?

How do i support marriage equality?

3 Answers

Bradon Answered:

Supporting marriage equality is an internal attitude that you can signify by your actions. Marriage equality is a political issue, so engaging in political activities is your best bet. Check in your local area for rallies and events that support marriage equality, or look for protests and boycotts that you can participate in. If you’re not sure where to start, try searching online and on your social media networks to see who you know that may already be involved in supporting marriage equality. You can also look for national campaigns and donate to political groups fighting for the cause.

Rejoicenlove4all Answered:

Marriage equality can be supported through contributing to legislation, voting for political figures who have similar values, and encouraging others to be open-minded.

Kittycat Answered:

By supporting the right for everyone to marry. You can vote a party that stands for equal marriage.

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