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I'm still healing after infedility. What more can I do to improve the state of my mind?b

I'm still healing after infedility. What more can I do to improve the state of my mind?b

5 Answers

STONE03 Answered:

Being betrayed by infidelity is a gripping experience that rocks you down to the core. The stress of the incident can cause depression and anxiety, can cause you to lose your self-esteem, and decreases the confidence you had in your marriage. You may feel like your head is spinning at times as you process the event, and your motivation and appetite may drastically change. The only thing that can heal this pain is time, so for now, you must force yourself to stay busy, embarking upon activities that make you feel decent. Organizing your closet, going for a walk, having coffee with a good friend, shopping, or even traveling, may help you take your mind off the event, at least temporarily. You must realize during this time that your partner’s actions were not a reflection of you, but a reflection of him. Seeing a counselor will yield an avenue for which to process out loud. As time passes you should feel better; just keep indulging, and keep your chin up. When your partner sees that independent, motivated woman who shines in the face of adversity, he will remember why he married you, and hopefully he will come to terms with his issues, too, and back to your loving, honest relationship.

MURRAY Answered:

Go to therapy. People tend to look down on it, but everyone needs someone to talk to. Especially in a situation where an impartial third person would be very helpful.

MARSHALL Answered:

If you are still with your partner, do things that you used to do together. Remember why you fell in love with them in the first place.

Rejoicenlove4all Answered:

In addition to therapy and working with your partner to heal, enjoy some activities that allow you to reflect and express yourself. Painting, writing, and exercising are good ways to refocus.

Sarahrana Answered:

By working through the pain and committing yourself to healing, giving it time and designing a new relationship. Go out with close friends and try to distract yourself as often as you can. Do something that you always wanted to do like flyiing to Paris to see the Eiffelturm or something crazy. You need selfconfidence and create experiences that make you feel valuable.

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