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What does couple therapy has to offer?

What does couple therapy has to offer?

3 Answers

Marriage-Designer Answered:

If relationship counseling inspires people to resent their significant others it means the counseling doesn't happen in a proper manner. Generally, it happens mostly when the counselor made the counseling from one side only; he is unable to see the problem from both sides of the viewpoint. Selecting a good and effective counselor that sees to it that both the partners are being assessed equally and fairly.

Bradon Answered:

Couples therapy is like a lot of things in life: the more you put into it, the more you’ll get out of it. Couples counselors will help to identify not only where the problems are in a relationship, but why they exist, how they got there, and how they can be resolved. They can help a troubled couple work out a blueprint for success, but the couple must be willing to do the actual work involved before they will get there. This usually involves gaining insight into how each party contributes to the relationship problems, and changing the problematic behaviors.

Kittycat Answered:

It offers you professional help when you cannot make it on your own. Therapists are trained to ask the right questions and to show you a way out of your misery. They can offer you more than a friend who listens to you.

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