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How much is couples therapy without insurance?

How much is couples therapy without insurance?

2 Answers

Bradon Answered:

The cost for couples therapy varies widely. Factors influencing pricing can include things like: · What kind of training and credentials the counselor has · Where they practice · If they are affiliated with a group practice or hospital, versus working independently out of theirhomesorsmaloffice building Some counselors offer a sliding-scale fee schedule that makes it possible for people with financial difficulties to get help. They may not advertise this openly, but they will tell you if you ask. Because rates vary so widely, it’s best to make a few phone calls to ask about pricing before choosing a counselor.

Rejoicenlove4all Answered:

Couples therapy can cost between $45 and $200 per session without insurance. Many therapy practices have a lower payment due for people without insurance.

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