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How much does a couple therapy cost?

How much does a couple therapy cost?

4 Answers

Bradon Answered:

Couples counseling costs vary widely, in accordance with the therapist’s qualifications, experience, and where they practice. Many therapists offer a sliding scale fee schedule, so that couples with financial problems can still get help. Generally speaking, couples counseling costs about the same as other types of therapy, and will often be covered by insurance or Employee Assistance Plans (EAPs). It’s not a bad idea to shop around for a couples counselor as you would for any other service. Call around and get some information before you try out two or three for a session. You’ll get a sense for how you like them while they learn more about your marriage.

Rejoicenlove4all Answered:

Often times, health insurance covers most of the cost of therapy. Your co-pay is usually the same as a specialty office visit. If you don't have insurance, check with the practice to see if they have a self-pay option that is less expensive than the generally charge.

Kittycat Answered:

If you have an insurance it might pay the costs. If not it depends on the therapist.

Lindainlove Answered:

Sometimes the insurance pays all the cost or a percentage. If your insurance doen´t cover this or if you are not insured check the internet for free treatment.

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