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Should I discuss my marriage problems with others?

Should I discuss my marriage problems with others?

4 Answers

Bertie Answered:

While it may be tempting to discuss your marriage problems with friends, it can cause problems. This is because your friends will want to be supportive to you, and they will not like to hear that you are hurting. Getting friends involved in marriage problems can hurt the relationship, because your friends do not share the bond you have with your spouse. They care about you, and when they hear negative things they will want to rescue you. They may be quick to advise you to leave your spouse, when in the end that may not be the best option for you.

Gerry4 Answered:

Yes - but only with trusted friends and family who understand you and love both you and your spouse. This should be something used for encouragement, not as something to speak disrespectfully about your spouse.

Grayson Answered:

Yes - discussing your problems with trusted friends can allow someone to help you bear your burdens and give wise advice.

Lindainlove Answered:

I think recently I read something about that. As I remember experts say that it´s not necessarily good to talk with friends. It´s better to get professional advice I think.

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