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How should I communicate problems related to my marriage?

How should I communicate problems related to my marriage?

2 Answers

Bertie Answered:

Talking about your marriage problems can be difficult, but there is a tried and true formula for bringing up things that are uncomfortable. First, choose a good time to talk. Bringing up issues in the heat of the moment rarely works, and often makes things worse. Next, raise your concerns without blaming your spouse for how you feel. Ask for what you want, and be willing to compromise. Be clear about your boundaries and where you feel strongly, but avoid attacking or insulting language. Understand that your spouse will have some concerns as well and be sure to use active listening to solve problems together.

Thathappygirl7 Answered:

Instead of directly placing blame, explain your point of view using "I" language. Instead of saying "You never do the dishes," say something like "I feel like a lot of the housework is on my shoulders and could really use a little more help." This is asking instead of accusing.

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