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What measures should I take to fix my marriage problem?

What measures should I take to fix my marriage problem?

2 Answers

Luke23 Answered:

Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for marriage problems, but there are some standard measures anyone can take to improve their marriage. First, try discussing your concerns with your spouse in a non-threatening way, using “I statements” and active listening. This lets them know how you’re feeling and cues them to be more sensitive to specific issues. If things don’t improve, consider asking a third party (such as a clergy member or marriage counselor) to mediate your discussions and focus on solutions. Remember that there is no room for blame in these conversations. They are meant to help you, as a couple, increase your empathy and work together as a team.

Thathappygirl7 Answered:

Talking with your spouse is the first step. If that doesn't help, seek an objective third person to help work through the issues.

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