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How should I talk openly about my marriage problems?

How should I talk openly about my marriage problems?

2 Answers

Luke23 Answered:

The best way to begin is to focus on your feelings. Then, phrase your sentence in terms of how you feel. For example, “When this happens, I feel this way.” Realize that your feelings are your own and are not caused by your spouse. This can be hard to do without blaming, and it can make you feel vulnerable just sharing this information. Your spouse must not attack you for how you feel. Instead, they should try to empathize with your feelings and realize they are not under attack. In the end, your lifelong happiness will depend on how you both get along, so try your best to communicate in a loving fashion.

Jovita69 Answered:

I should always speak from my point of view. "I feel hurt because.." .instead of saying "You always.."

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