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How can a therapist counsel about your marriage problems?

How can a therapist counsel about your marriage problems?

2 Answers

Luke23 Answered:

Working with a therapist in marital counseling can be a very rewarding process. Most therapists will start by taking an “inventory” of each individual’s personal history, as well as a relationship history. Often, they will ask each partner to commit to the relationship and to improving the status quo through counseling. Then they will help identify recurring problems, miscommunications and personality strengths and weaknesses, helping each spouse to see things from the other person’s point of view. Eventually, you will gain insight into your problems as a couple, and learn to communicate better while maintaining the bond that holds you together.

Jovita69 Answered:

By asking you a whole lot of questions the therapist will find out about what´s wrong in the realtionship and as a neutral person he will be able to give some professional advice.

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