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How can I survive with problems in my marriage?

How can I survive with problems in my marriage?

3 Answers

Arledge Answered:

Surviving marital problems may seem impossible, but most of the time the trouble can be overcome. Remember that no marriage is perfect, and that everyone who is married or has ever been, has survived some marital problems. If there is infidelity, abuse or neglect, you should seek help from a counselor or member of the clergy. If your marital problems are less severe, try keeping a journal or confiding in a friend. Once you have your feelings sorted out, communicate the problems to your spouse and work together to find solutions. Remember, you are a team and no one will solve your problems for you.

Thathappygirl7 Answered:

Deep breaths. While whatever you're going through may seem to be the end of the world, there are always ways to make things better. It is important to maintain friendships and not isolate yourself.

Jovita69 Answered:

Be aware that you are not alone. Relationships are very difficult to deal with for all of us. Keep your faith while moving on.

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