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Contemplating divorce!


I have a wonderful husband who loves me a lot.
He was working with a bank but he left the job due to health reasons.
He has been looking out for work but it has been more than a year since he hasn't found one.
I know he's hiding something from me about his old job.
I feel maybe he was fired from his company because of fraud.
I don't know how to say this to him but it's been eating me up.
I was patient with him for months but now I have started to loose my cool over small things.
I am even contemplating a divorce.

1 Answers


First, do not reach to conclusions before knowing strut facts. Second, find out those facts. Possible Solution - Talk to your husband. Do not say that he might have done fraud in his company. Rather ask him the clear cut reasons for why he left his earlier job and what is it that is stoping him from joining another company. Tell him that you are cobntemplating divorce. It might make him come out of his comfort zone and realize the grave issue. I can understand your issue empathically and I think howsoever difficult it might be, you definitely do need to talk to your husband.

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