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How can I help someone fighting severe marriage problems?

How can I help someone fighting severe marriage problems?

4 Answers

Luke23 Answered:

Severe marital problems, including infidelity, abuse, and neglect are complex relationship issues that may be difficult for a third party to fully understand. The best way to support a friend or loved one undergoing serious problems in their marriage is to offer to listen. Then, if your friend trusts you enough to share, practice active listening techniques and avoid judging, even though some things you could hear might be very disturbing. In most cases, advising a friend to leave their marriage will result in them cutting you out of their life, not their spouse, so take caution to avoid such advice except in the most extreme circumstances.

RAMIREZ Answered:

Show them both love. Cook them dinner, offer to watch their kids, do something that will give them a chance to talk and open up about the problems.

SCOTT34 Answered:

Provide them with links, phone numbers, and other contact information for some good marriage counseling services, but don't force them on them. If they don't want help, you making them accept it will only cause more problems.

Thathappygirl7 Answered:

Just listen and offer nonjudgmental advice. It is never good to bash someone's spouse, but playing devils advocate may help the person with the issues see things from a different point of view.

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