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Can you suggest me some tips on how to handle marriage problems?

Answers (17) said on
Tip One:Recognize that marital duress typically takes missteps from both partners. If you want to overcome the problems in the marital relationship, both parties will need to recognize their role in the distress. Blaming the partner for the current troubles only deepens the pain and severity of the brokenness.

 Tip Two: Seek solutions to problems that are built on compromise and allow for an equal sharing of the sacrifices needed to right the ship. Solutions that highly favor one partner over the other create alienation and emotional distance.
DAVIS3 said on
Arguments are bound to happen in a marriage. The best way to deal with them is to set a time apart to sit and talk over the problem or argument and understand each other's point of view and coming up with a solution to get back and be intimate.

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Problems due to differences will happen in a marriage. Understand that you both are from different places, cultures, perspectives, idealogies and will have differences. Acknowledging these differences are very important. Try to work around these differences and live with them.
SCOTT34 said on
While the other person vents out their frustration or anger or disagreement, stop and listen to it. Half the problem gets solved if the problem is heard. Once heard, address the problem and fix it without building up the argument.
COOK76 said on
If things go out of hand where both of you are not able to fix the problem, try to go to a counselor who will objectively view the problem and understand who ois wrong and come up with solutions that will make the relationship stronger again.
YOUNG5 said on
Spend some time apart. I'm not advocating separating, but sometimes couples need time to themselves to see the issues clearly.
GREEN4 said on
If you are having marriage problems related to your faith, then talk to someone at your place of worship. If they are separate from your faith, seek out a marriage counselor.
Luke23 said on
All marriages – even successful ones – have problems.  The trick is in knowing how to deal with everyday issues so that they don’t become bigger troubles.  Communicating when there’s a problem is always good advice, but beware how you communicate an issue to your spouse.  Set aside time each week to discuss larger issues that may be ongoing or take a lot of work, and check in with each other every day to clear the air.  Show concern for your partner’s concerns as you share your own, and remember that you are a team.  You must work on fixing your problems together.
Luke23 said on
When dealing with problems in an Islamic marriage, some basic rules apply.
Forgiveness is divine.  Do not hold onto your irritations.  Be ready to forgive your spouse for minor issues.  This must be done in your heart, and it does not mean you can shame your spouse later on because you were so “forgiving.”
Do not use bad language.  Harsh words and foul language make problems worse.  Refrain from using them in anger at your spouse.
Man is weak and needs guidance from Allah.  Be sure you are faithful in your heart and seek help from Allah.
MarilouCarasco said on
~~You are going to fight and arguments will happen inside a marriage. Do you want to fix it? Set some time for this and sit over it and talk about it. Nothing beats a conversation to come to solutions that ward off problems. Get intimate after this.
MaragaretMcgahan said on
There will be fights because we are not the same and marriage is a combination of two different people being together. Understand this factor first that you are two different cultures, idealogies, languages, lifestyles and what not! Accept these differences and try to work something that will help you stick together.
GarfieldRevels said on
There are so many ways to fix this. Firstly, sit and talk and if that does not work involve a friend who will help you with it. If all of this fails, be ready to talk to a counselor who will give an objective opinion that is studied and valid to get this resolved. This might sound like a few points of a formula but it does work magic. Try it!
RandallBurtt said on
When one person expresses frustration, it is not your cue to express yours but to empathize. Stop blaming them back and start understanding. This solves most of the problem. You hear what he/she has to say and talk about solutions for the same and not add arguments.
johnperes said on
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Xena69 said on
Happy Marriage. I would sit your husband down and ask  him what  he wants. Does he want a happy Marriage or not? He is being so ignorant towards you. Put your foot down to him
Graves420 said on
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Wendy said on
Its oke to getting some argue with your spouse, but in order to maintain its connection you must not forget the essentials first is love and respect, second is forgiveness, third is communication that is all the fundamental you need. I have some books that is good for understanding that fundamental, here is the link in my opinion its really refresh yoir mind.
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