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How to solve marriage problems at the early stage?

How to solve marriage problems at the early stage?

4 Answers

SunFlower Answered:

Good communication is the base level of a healthy relationship. It could be your lifebelt in early stage marriage problems. Talk with your partner in a caring manner about everything that bothers you and serch for a solutioun together. Solving problems together may grow your bondage stronger.

Garfield Answered:

Clearly communicate your frustration to your spouse. Be kind in your speech instead of nagging. Try to use conflict to tear down walls, not build them up.

Luke23 Answered:

Marital problems are sure to crop up in even the best marriages, so one thing you can do is to anticipate that there will be problems, and not lose your head the moment conflict arises. Then, don’t give in to the urge to yell and argue at length about a disagreement. This can often lead to more conflict and hurt feelings. Instead, remember the deep bond the two of you share, and honor one another’s feelings when trouble arises. Forget who’s right and who’s wrong, wait until you’re no longer angry, and do your best to communicate your feelings using “I statements.” These usually go, “When you ___, I feel ___.”

Matthew Answered:

Be willing to address issues head-on and fight for the health of your marraige before issues grow over time. Don't be lazy in dealing with conflict - care enough about your marriage to fight for the health of it from early on. Sometimes this means literally fighting things out - sometimes we need to let things go, but usually we really need to lay everything out on the table and find a solution together.

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