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Why is late marriage a problem in some cases?

Why is late marriage a problem in some cases?

4 Answers

Luke23 Answered:

Many people get married later in life and are very happy. The main difficulty with waiting until you’re older to get married is having kids. Women over 35 who do get pregnant are at higher risk for difficult pregnancies, and their babies have higher risks of diseases like Down Syndrome. Parenting when older is difficult, too. Older parents may be more financially stable than their younger counterparts, but they also face the dilemmas of aging and the challenges of parenting at the same time. Couples who wait until very late in life must also consider whether they will still be around to raise their child into adulthood.

GONZALES Answered:

Late marriage inevitably means that there will be more baggage, and this can cause more tension and more problems.

MORRIS Answered:

If both want children, having a late marriage means more trouble in conceiving. It could also mean a higher chance of birth complications.

Jovita69 Answered:

Sometimes people who marry late have spent a lot of their lives alone. This can lead to problems when living with another person.

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