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Why is child marriage a problem?

Why is child marriage a problem?

4 Answers

Luke23 Answered:

Marriage is about more than just romance. A marriage is a binding legal agreement between two people, and (unlike most contracts you’ll enter into over the course of your life) this one remains in effect for the remainder of your natural born life, or until a legal divorce or annulment can be obtained. Most contracts don’t have the same lifespan or serious consequences as marriage, but as a rule children are not allowed to sign legal contracts until the age of majority. Allowing minors to enter into a marriage contract would run counter to this legal standard, and could make children vulnerable to sexual exploitation by adults as well.

Frey98 Answered:

Child marriage is a disgrace and is akin to slavery - child marriage commits a child to a lifelong partner without their consent.

Oliver Answered:

Children cannot possibly understand the nature of lifelong commitment and are not physically or emotionally developed enough for sex.

Thathappygirl7 Answered:

Children do not have the mental capacity to make rational decisions that impact how they live. They are not emotionally, mentally, or physically ready to commit to spending their life with anyone. This also sets up the possibility for abuse.

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