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A Wondering Eye

My husband has a wondering eye and it’s driving me crazy.
I think I’m a pretty woman.
I put myself together pretty well and love to dress up for my husband.
I’m a real woman with assets.
I work out and take good care of my body.
For some reason or another, every time we go out together I’ll catch him staring at other women for long periods of time.
Should I be worried?

6 Answers

Graham Answered:

Physical attachment is important but what keeps a relationship afloat is emotional attachment and dependence.

Mark33 Answered:

Just like he admires other women, I admire other men. It doesn’t mean I’m going to sleep with them or I’m thinking about cheating. It keeps our marriage fresh. I admire other women and men and take notice of their style to improve mines. No offense ever taken. Work on your self-esteem and smile!

Feliz_rozario55 Answered:

It is always nice to know that my husband is noticing another woman. I take it as a reminder to step up my game. Secondly, it reminds me to focus on me and improve myself self-confidence. It is one thing if he is touching but no one gets hurt from looking.

Bhugis Answered:

First of all, you need to bring his wondering eyes to his attention. It is utterly disrespectful. I think you have a lot to worry about and his faithfulness to your marriage is number one.

Zaro_gab Answered:

As long as he is coming home to you every night, I wouldn’t worry about anything. Sometimes it’s our insecurities more than them staring. I’m a pretty woman that models but I still feel some type of insecurities when we are out together. Let it go.

Begss_t Answered:

I would be upset if my husband stares at other women for long periods of time. Ask him what he's up to and tell him this behaviour of hiS angers and leave you worried. Be upfront and don't be afraid to speak your mind. Hope it straightens him up good.

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