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What can be done with everyday marriage problems? How can they be tackled?

What can be done with everyday marriage problems? How can they be tackled?

3 Answers

Marriage_com Answered:

The best way to tackle problems in marriage is to talk about them and to share openly with your spouse about how you feel. If your loved one has offended you, there are three helpful points to follow when you speak about it in a calm manner. Firstly, describe exactly what happened. Secondly, say how this affected you. Thirdly, suggest how this could be avoided in future. An example of this strategy would be if your spouse invited guests for dinner without consulting you first, you could say something like this: “My Darling, this morning when you told me that you had invited our friends for dinner tomorrow evening, I felt shocked and upset because you had not discussed it with me beforehand and I had been planning to have a quiet evening alone with you. Next time, please can you consult me before you make arrangements that will affect me?”

Thathappygirl7 Answered:

Do the best you can for your partner and relationship. If each person pulls his or her weight and is on the same page, problems become smaller and less frequent.

Jovita69 Answered:

First not to give them more weight than they have. Everybody has to deal with this problems, it´s natural. Create an atmosphere of forgiveness and grace.

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