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How do I solve my marriage problem?

How do I solve my marriage problem?

4 Answers

KIM543 Answered:

Talk to your parents, if you're on good terms with them. If you're not, then talk to your spouse's parents, or a parental figure. They've probably been through their own problems, they can help you through your problems. Or at the very least, they can just talk to you about them.

REED56 Answered:

By figuring out first what the problem is, THEN working to fix it. You're not going to do any good by fixing the wrong problem.

Marriage_com Answered:

If you believe that marriage problems can be solved by one partner alone, prepare yourself for copious heartache and frustration. While there are strategies and tools that seem to be quite effective in addressing and mastering marital hardship, any solution that involves salvaging the marriage necessitates contributions from both parties. It takes two to tango.

Sophie1980 Answered:

By using negative feelings—such as resentment, sadness, and annoyance—as clues that you might need to change either yourself or something in the relationship.

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