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How do you know if you have any marriage problems?

How do you know if you have any marriage problems?

3 Answers

Marriage_com Answered:

You will know! If you feel unhappy or trapped in your marriage, then there is a problem. If you find yourself wishing you were not married, or wishing you were married to someone else, then your marriage is in trouble. If you feel relieved when your spouse has to go out of town on business for a few days, and you dread the day he will return, then you know that you have marriage problems. If you can’t share your feelings openly with your spouse because you know that they will react by ignoring you, mocking you or getting angry and irritated with you, then you know that there is a problem in your marriage.

Thathappygirl7 Answered:

Usually, arguments and bitterness stem from marriage problems. If either of these are common, you'll know there's an issue.

Sophie1980 Answered:

You will feel uncomfortable if there is something wrong with your relationship. If you don´t lie to yourself you will know.

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