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How do you fix your marriage problems?

How do you fix your marriage problems?

4 Answers

Marriage_com Answered:

Because marriage is by definition a union of two people, it is not possible for one person alone to fix their marriage problems. Both parties must be actively involved and willing to listen, learn and make changes. Both people need to be able to recognise when their behaviour is hurtful and destructive, and be willing to work at making the necessary changes. Each one should be 100% committed to making the marriage work and to regard their spouse as worthy of respect. Once respect and trust has been lost it is very difficult to regain. Sometimes a third party is needed to help the marriage partners get some objectivity on their situation. This is where marriage counselling can be beneficial.

GONZALES Answered:

Get counseling. This is so very important as you will have a mediator to prevent fights and other things that will disrail the conversation.

PETERSON Answered:

Talk. Openly and honestly, without any judgment or callback to earlier issues. Agree that what has happened, happened, and it is time to move on.

Sophie1980 Answered:

Make the conscious decision to put your relationship health at the top of your priority list. Assess the relationship area that needs work and set a specific goal.

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