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Are there any unavoidable problems in a marriage?

Are there any unavoidable problems in a marriage?

3 Answers

Vivian Answered:

People are always growing and changing, and our marriages must be a safe place for us to grow, make mistakes, and change. A marriage that offers no grace or forgiveness is a hostile place to be.

Benjamin Answered:

People will always mess up - it is unavoidable that your spouse will let you down from time to time. Offering grace and forgiveness for mistakes helps marriages stay healthy.

Marriage_com Answered:

Every marriage is sure to encounter some problems along the way, just as every person on earth will have some problems during the course of their lifetime. It is important not to have unrealistic and idealistic expectations of marriage. If you think that any problem denotes a “failure”, this attitude will make it more difficult for you to overcome the problems that will inevitably surface. It is best if you can regard problems as an opportunity to get to know your spouse better. As you work through the problem together you will both become stronger, grow closer together as a couple, and your marriage will benefit from the unavoidable problems, rather than being damaged by them.

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