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What causes a marriage problem?

What causes a marriage problem?

4 Answers

Marriage_com Answered:

There are many causes of marriage problems, but two of the main ones are a breakdown of communication and a lack of conflict resolution skills. Conflict is inevitable, but how you handle it is what determines whether it becomes a full-blown problem, or whether it becomes a valuable lesson which makes you stronger in the future. When there is conflict, sometimes the temptation is to withdraw into injured silence and wait for the storm to pass. But this will only make things worse next time. This is the time when communication is essential, as each one shares their viewpoint openly and is heard by the other.

REYNOLDS Answered:

Most marriage problems are caused by one person not taking the time to think about what their actions will do to the other person.

ROGERS Answered:

A marriage problem can be something as deep as cheating, or something as seemingly silly as refusing to do the dishes on time.

Sophie1980 Answered:

A marriage problem is caused by being untrue to your partner.

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