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What are the most common marriage problems?

What are the most common marriage problems?

7 Answers

Marriage_com Answered:

Once the wedding day has come and gone, with all the excitement and build up, and the honeymoon is over, then the reality of married life begins to set in. This is when the couple begins to realize that marriage is a 24/7 thing, every minute of every day of every week… For many people the loss of independence can be the biggest challenge – the fact that you are no longer free to come and go as you please, and to make all the decisions by yourself. Now you have another person to take into consideration and to share all your decisions and plans with them.

Marriage_com Answered:

Some of the most common marriage problems would include money issues, extended family issues, and child-rearing issues. When it comes to the matter of spending money, there are bound to be differing values and priorities. She may feel that having a beautifully decorated home is essential while he feels that it would be better to save up for holiday trips. Another problem area may found in relating to the extended family or the “in-laws”. Sometimes there is conflict in which both families are competing for time and attention, for example on special holiday celebrations. And when children are born into a marriage, a whole new set of challenges will arise as both husband and wife have their own ideas on what they want for their children.


If the couple has to move right after getting married, it can be difficult as they lose any support structure that they had.

COOK76 Answered:

Sometimes a couple will start their lives together only to have one of them discover the other was hiding something, such as a large amount of debt.

BUTLER Answered:

Many couples fight over housework, and who is supposed to do what. Some women have grown up with their dad emptying the trash every night, and expect their husbands to do the same without telling them. Some men grow up thinking dishes are a 'woman's job,' and both of these sets of expectations can lead to disappointment and fights.

EVANS5 Answered:

In-laws can be an issue. People have joked about them for so long, it doesn't seem that bad, but if your in-laws are too demanding, or are abusive to your spouse, then it can cause problems. Make sure you know all about the crazy ones in their family, and you tell them about the crazy ones in yours.

Thathappygirl7 Answered:

Many couples go in debt for the wedding, and this is an issue they have to deal with.

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