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What are some specific marriage problems faced by couples?

What are some specific marriage problems faced by couples?

3 Answers

Sienna34 Answered:

Many couples simply stop working at the relationship after marriage; and they can begin to take one another for granted. It is not something that is done intentionally, but it happens gradually bovver time. As a result, they may not communicate anymore, they may start to neglect or even resent one another. Some couples experience jealousy or control issues. One or both partners may become bored. Partners can lose interest in sex and romance. They may stop communicating. All of these issues can take the marriage through a stagnant state which can escalate into a problem state. When couples start to take one another for granted, mutual respect may be lost. One partner may turn to selfish behavior or fail to listen to their spouse. He may become bored and start going out late, for example. When his wife nags at him for being out late, he doesn’t listen; he pretends to listen, but just continues to do the same every night. This results in escalation; she may nag at him louder and more angrily, while he disappears more frequently and for longer periods of time. Most issues couples face are pretty minimal at the start, but they culminate and become bigger if not handled. Resentment can also grow over time, which makes the couple less likely to want to deal appropriately. Addressing issues as they arise is the healthiest strategy and provides the most promising outcome.

WALLACE Answered:

Money is a big problem. There will almost always be income inequality in a marriage, and the couple needs to figure out how to deal with that, and what they are going to do with their money.

TURNER Answered:

One of the biggest problems faced by couples is selfishness. Each person wants their own desires and often struggle to be willing to put their spouse's desires above their own.

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