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How to stop domestic violence in relationships?

How to stop domestic violence in relationships?

7 Answers

Sienna34 Answered:

Domestic violence is a terrible plague that impacts far too many relationships. If you have experienced domestic violence or you know of someone who has experience domestic violence, you must be willing to seek help. Unchecked, the cycle of abuse will escalate and become entrenched. Examples of help include police protection, medical care, and counseling. In reality, abuse is a crime and those who abuse are criminals. The full force of the legal system should compel abusers to change their ways or face permanent consequences.

Sienna34 Answered:

Run. Seriously leave the relationship as soon as possible. You cannot put an end to domestic violence unless you leave the marriage. If you are physically hurt, notify the police and seek medical attention. Do not disclose your location to your abuser. Seek the support of family members and friend who can provide you with housing and material support. If children are involved in the cycle of abuse, make sure they are taken from the abusive home as well. Surround yourself with strong therapeutic resources.

CARTER5 Answered:

Tell your parents or someone you trust. Make sure the person you tell will not come after your spouse, but instead can offer you a way to get away.

EDWARDS Answered:

Talk to the police. Physical violence is serious, and people have been killed before through it. Don't take that risk.

Virginia4Lovers Answered:

Getting the police involved and leaving the unhealthy situation are good ways to stop domestic violence.

Virginia4Lovers Answered:

A great way to stop domestic violence is to leave the situation.

Sophie1980 Answered:

Domestic violence is not to be tolerated. Get help as soon as possible and if that doesn´t change anything, leave the partner.

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