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What kind of a marriage will I have in future?

What kind of a marriage will I have in future?

4 Answers

Sienna34 Answered:

While it is wonderful to imagine the ideal marriage, remember that there is no ideal. A plethora of factors play into the future of a marriage including health issues, family concerns, financial health, and the like. If you seek a strong marriage, and not necessarily a perfect marriage, be willing to converse with your partner about the good, bad, and ugly of the relationship. Bringing a mental health provider into the conversation is always a good approach as well. Picture facets of a strong marriage instead of being locked into an ideal of an unattainable perfect marriage.

FLORES Answered:

The type of marriage you will have is largely dependent on you and your partner. If you both commit to being honest and treating each other with grace and respect, it will likely be a good marriage. If either of you behaves selfishly, there will be more problems than usual.

STEWART Answered:

If you and your spouse are willing to compromise with each other, work together, and not be bitter or back-biting, then you can have a happy marriage. If you are both prone to fighting and anger, then it will be one with lots of counseling.

PARKER Answered:

That is up to you and God. You choose the sort of person that you marry, and if you don't rush into it, you should have a decent idea as to how they will behave for the rest of your lives together.

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