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How to get help for domestic absuse in marriage?

How to get help for domestic absuse in marriage?

4 Answers

Sienna34 Answered:

If you are facing domestic abuse in a marriage, it is important to create a safety plan and safely leave the marriage as soon as possible. Your first stop in seeking help is the police. Please consider filing for a restraining order to keep your partner at a distance from you. Visit with a physician and a therapist to treat the physical and emotional components of domestic violence. As healing continues, retain a family law attorney to walk you through the steps of seeking a divorce from your abuser.

FLORES Answered:

Churches, whether you are religious or not, are good places of shelter that can help you and take you to the police or to someone else who can help.

COLLINS Answered:

If you are being physically abused, go to the police. They can point you to a social worker if needed.

Virginia4Lovers Answered:

The internet has tons of great resources for individuals suffering from domestic abuse in marriage.

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