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How to have a good marriage life?

How to have a good marriage life?

5 Answers

Sienna34 Answered:

While there are a variety of recipes for a good marriage, here are some good places to start.Be nice to your partner, making small gestures often. Happy marriage are based on deep friendship, mutual respect, and recognizing issues that can be addressed and solved.Good marriage partners commit to staying together even though they know that things will be tough at times. Good marriages have the capacity to bear great hardships because they have generous deposits of goodwill and vision.

PARKER Answered:

Value each other daily. Never take the other person for granted.

NELSON Answered:

Keep trust alive. If you make a mistake, confess it right away. Once trust is gone, the marriage is going to suffer.

David Dawson Answered:

Lean in. We, as humans, tend to run away when things get bad, or shut ourselves down. This is unhealthy. Instead, lean in to the other person and give them a hug or show them that you are still listening and still there for them.

Panimani Answered:

Always make sure that you treat your partner as you want to be treated by him. Ask for his thoughts, dreams and needs and show him that you are willing to do your best.

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