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What are the secrets to a long happy marriage?

What are the secrets to a long happy marriage?

4 Answers

ELLISRE Answered:

Ask for help and accountability from others. Get counseling if needed. Don't think that things will just work out, instead discuss what is bothering you with your spouse.

GONZALES Answered:

Keep yourself in check. Don't put your own desires over what is best for the other person, but don't be afraid to let your spouse know if you feel that you are not being treated right.

Panimani Answered:

If you are able to set limits to your own ego from and to take a step back from time to time you will always be able to put positive energy into the relationship. Like this you build an upward spiral that allows you to improve every day.

Honeymoon Answered:

Full committment, trust, joy, a common vision of the future, emotional intimacy and last but not least fullfilling sex

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