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Can you tell me some tips on how to create a happy marriage?

Can you tell me some tips on how to create a happy marriage?

4 Answers

Sienna34 Answered:

Tips for a happy marriage include: 1. Getting on the same page with finances, parenting, intimacy, and lifestyle choices. 2. Enjoy something new like biking, cooking, or sailing to bring spice to the marriage. 3. Choose lightheartedness. Infuse your marriage with laughter, joy, creativity, and the like. 4. Make peace with the past. Work through conflicts and then beyond them. 5. Fight as allies when there is a conflict. Use that all important first-person language.

COLE45 Answered:

Keep going on dates even long into your marriage. It is difficult to do this sometimes, especially when you have kids, but always make time to at least go out to dinner occasionally.

GONZALES Answered:

Don't assign blame, and don't keep track of wrongs. One of the worst things you can do for your marriage is to keep score of how many times each of you have done nice things for the other, or how many times the other person has messed up.

Panimani Answered:

Succeeding in love has more to do with becoming a person capable of loving than it is about finding the right person who will love us and meet all our needs perfectly.

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