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Is asking love and marriage questions of any help?

Is asking love and marriage questions of any help?

4 Answers

Sienna34 Answered:

It is very helpful to ask love and marriage questions. Asking questions creates insight, and insight is the catalyst of change. Find time to engage your partner in Q and As about marriage, family, and a shared vision for life. Create space on the calendar to engage in this important process is especially helpful. Active listen, which entails repeating and responding to information provided by your partner, also nourishes a healthy Q and A process.

GRIFFIN Answered:

Asking questions about love and marriage can be very helpful because it helps you both to understand where the other person is coming from in terms of their history and their expectations.


Asking questions of any sort of your spouse is a great idea, because it shows that you are interested in them.

Panimani Answered:

Of course. You become aware of your beliefs, desires and attitutes by asking yourself what love and marriage means to you personally

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