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How to focus on the family marrriage?

How to focus on the family marrriage?

4 Answers

Sienna34 Answered:

In the frenetic 21st century society, it may take a little work to prioritize a focus on the family. That said, a few steps could help. 1. Picture the future often, and imagine the steps you will need to take to make this future a priority. 2. Encourage your partner and friends to help hold you accountable to family scheduling. 3. Ask your spouse how he or she views the marriage. Listen intently and be willing to make some changes. 4. Create family rituals that draw everyone together for meals, conversations, and the like.

PHILLIPS Answered:

Mixed families come with their own sets of issues. Learning to live with someone else's kids, and expecting your own kids to respect their new step-parent can be an issue. Set clear expectations for your children and yourself in how the rest of the family will be treated.

WALLACE Answered:

Keep yourself healthy. If you stress yourself out too much, or don't make time to make sure you and your family have healthy meals at least once a day, then you won't be in any condition to solve any family problems that come up.

BUTLER Answered:

Make sure that your family is the highest priority in your life. That might mean giving up some nights to yourself, or hobbies that you enjoy (in the short term), but it will pay off in the long run.

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