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How do I know that I am ready for marriage?

How do I know that I am ready for marriage?

3 Answers

Sienna34 Answered:

While it is nearly impossible to determine if a couple is truly ready for marriage, a couple of factors point to the potential of a successful marriage. These factors include: 1. An ability to affirm the vocational, emotional, and spiritual trajectory of the other partner. 2. Ease of conversation. 3. Healthy skills in working through conflict. 4. The support of family and friends. 5. Stable vocational and home environment. 6. Partners possessing sufficient maturity.

Lovemybabe Answered:

By evaluating your own life and the relationship you have with the person you're dating, you can determine if you're ready for marriage. This is not a situation to enter lightly - it's a lifetime commitment!

Leandarina Answered:

You will know if you meet the right person. That doesn´t mean that you can relax forever and that love is a thing that you can posess as an object. You have to keep it alive constantly. I like the comparison with a garden. If you don´t water the plants they will die.

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