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What marriage counseling questions should I ask before marriage?

What marriage counseling questions should I ask before marriage?

5 Answers

Sienna34 Answered:

Marriage questions to ask prior to the marriage tend to depend on the needs and the trajectory of the couple. Generally, however, the following questions are helpful: 1. Are we excited about married life or just the wedding day? 2. Do we truly know each other or do we need to take additional time to be acquainted with each other’s stories? 3. Do we have similar visions for work, family, and finances? 4. Will we engage in counseling prior to the marriage?

CAMPBELL Answered:

How can I set aside my own wants and needs for the good of the marriage?

GIBSON Answered:

Can we handle a difficult situation together? How do we react as a couple to trouble or issues? Can we discuss difficult topics without arguing?

BARNES Answered:

Who will do what chores? Will we eat out, or will one or both of us cook? You need to ask questions about day-to-day stuff.

Leandarina Answered:

What kind of problems do we face as a couple? How do we normally treat each other? Are we willing to change the way we behave for the sake of the relation?

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