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How to control marriage problems after a baby is born?

How to control marriage problems after a baby is born?

5 Answers

Sienna34 Answered:

The arrival of a baby means a new stage in every relationship. Partners will have brand-new things to discuss, and will have various new conflicts to resolve. It is vital that couples work together to openly discuss changing needs, emotional reactions, and newly identified expectations will help reduce the conflicts that will likely arise if these things are not discussed. It may be very helpful to visit with a marriage counselor during the postpartum life to insure that the couple has the tools needed to move forward.

Alyssa Answered:

Continue to protect one "date night" per week with your spouse so that you can have intentional time with your spouse. Hire a babysitter!

Marden Answered:

After children, it is imporatant that you continue to work on and prioritize your marriage for the overall benefit of your family. It is easy to focus only on children, but this is unhealthy.

Lovemybabe Answered:

Date nights are important. If you can get a friend or family member to watch your child, spend time together the way you did before baby.

Leandarina Answered:

Make sure that you still have some couple-time. It´s good to have a nanny or the grandparents nearby.

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