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How to create intimacy in a marriage?

How to create intimacy in a marriage?

4 Answers

Abigail Answered:

If you want to create additional intimacy in a marriage, consider these steps: 1. Kiss your beloved. 2. Take walks together to talk and enjoy creation. 3. Watch romantic movies together from time to time. 4. Consider having a picnic to enjoy your time together. 5. Be creative one evening to set the stage for getting frisky.

Jameson Answered:

Intimacy can be built through sex, conversation, doing activities together, and serving together. It is important to feel in-tune with your spouse and to ask them questions about how they're feeling, coping with difficulties, and to stay in tune with their mental and emotional health.

Lovemybabe Answered:

Intimacy can be created through closeness. This doesn't just mean sex - cuddle while watching a movie, hold hands at the mall or in the car, or kiss when leaving for or returning from work.

Leandarina Answered:

Intimacy build up step by step by talking, cuddling, having good sex, sharing everyday-life pleisures and flaws. It goes hand in hand with trust.

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