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What is intimacy in a relationship? How it is measured?

What is intimacy in a relationship? How it is measured?

5 Answers

Abigail Answered:

Intimacy includes physical, emotional, and intellectual closeness between partners. True marital intimacy usually involves being honest with your spouse and allowing yourself to be vulnerable. Because you know your spouse well and trust him/her not to hurt you, you are willing to give yourself completely and risk the unknown. While there is no way to measure the amount of intimacy in a marriage, partners tend to know when intimacy is appropriate and when it is not.

Luca54 Answered:

Intimacy is measured by the way your heart is tuned toward your spouse. Loving actions done without loving motivations are empty. Quality time is one way to build intimacy - what's important is intentionally connecting with your spouse, and asking them if they feel close to you or distant.

Jagger Answered:

Intimacy is the measure of how known and loved you feel by your spouse. You cannot gauge your intimacy by comparing your marriage to other marriages - each marriage is different and builds intimacy in different ways. There is emotional intimacy and sexual intimacy, for example - and many different ways to build each of these types of intimacy.

Lovemybabe Answered:

Intimacy is the familiarity or closeness you have with another person. It is measured in the quality of friendship, attachment, closeness, and trust between two people.

Leandarina Answered:

Intimacy can only be felt when the partners trust each other, when they are always informed about how the other feels and what she/he thinks.

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