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How to build intimacy with my spouse?

How to build intimacy with my spouse?

6 Answers

Marriage_com Answered:

According to multiple experts, there are five rules to observe in building intimacy. They include: 1: Following the five-minute rule, that is, talking about areas of interest outside of dialogues about children, finances, and the like. 2: Remember gender differences relate to how we view intimacy. 3: Always compliment your partner about giftedness, attractiveness, and the like. 4: Explore new activities with your partner to spark time together and the prospect of intimacy. 5: Laugh often. Put smiles on each other’s faces through the sharing of light-hearted joy.

Leighton Answered:

Write letters to your spouse to share what you appreciate and love about them. This is also a great way to remind yourself of all the things that you love about your spouse, and can help your heart warm towards them in times when you may feel distant.

Isaac98 Answered:

Have one night a week devoted to spending uninterrupted time with your spouse. During this time, take turns planning events that your spouse likes and that will help you draw closer together in emotional intimacy. Set destractions aside and focus simply on being together and enjoying one anothers' company!

Lovemybabe Answered:

Open, honest communication is a great way to build intimacy.

Leandarina Answered:

I think that it is always good to ask each other about anything, especially about emotions. It can only bring you closer together.

Leandarina Answered:

Try to talk about a lot of things, ask your partner how he/she feels and do not forget the important things that he/she told you.

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