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How to start a divorce process?

How to start a divorce process?

3 Answers

Abigail Answered:

The legal and emotional aspects regarding the end of a marriage can seem overwhelming. You are likely not at your best in making important decisions relating to you and your children, including decisions involving child custody and visitation. Inasmuch, the best first step in a divorce proceeding is to consultant with a competent family law attorney about the divorce. Attorneys are skilled at assisting clients in collaborative divorce and mediation. Attorneys will aid you in understanding the complexities of your area’s divorce laws and procedures. Unless you are an attorney or very competent in legal matters, do not try to engage in a divorce without the aid of an attorney.

PennysMommy1986 Answered:

Paperwork must be filed through the courts if you want a divorce. It's usually a little easier to go through a lawyer who knows all of the legal aspects of divorce rather than filing on your own.

Annagetsmarried Answered:

How you tell your husband/wife that you want the divorce. Watch out! What you tell and how you say it to your husband/wife is of critical importance because it will shape how the divorce unfolds.

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