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How to get divorce from my wife?

How to get divorce from my wife?

5 Answers

Abigail Answered:

If you are intent on divorcing your wife, let her know. Engage in conversation about the dissolution of the marriage and explore if there is a reasonable, healthy path forward. If counseling, mediation, and other restorative measures do not work, seek a seasoned attorney to help you navigate the waters ahead. Take care of your physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing.

COLE45 Answered:

If you both want to get divorced, just find a lawyer. If one of you doesn't want to get divorced, you'll either need to convince them or sue them for divorce.

FISHER Answered:

It depends on what terms you are with your wife. If you are already separated, a lawyer can serve her papers and she can either sign them or you can take her to court. If you're still on decent terms, you two can meet with a cheaper lawyer and get the process done with relative ease.

PennysMommy1986 Answered:

Before divorcing someone, it is important to evaulate the problems and try to come up with solutions. A therapist or lawyer may be able to help with these issues before making it legal.

Annagetsmarried Answered:

You tell your wife that you want the divorce and you get yourself a lawyer. It´s easy although it´s hard.

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