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When to get a divorce in a marriage?

When to get a divorce in a marriage?

3 Answers

Archie Answered:

You should seriously consider divorce if your marriage been plagued by continual problems far outweighing any positive gains. Also, if the majority of the marital problems have been caused by fundamental behavioral issues that seem ingrained and extremely unlikely to change, you may need to consider divorce. If you or your partner have made several serious counseling efforts, jointly or separately, to save your marriage with no success, divorce may be on the horizon.

HappyWifeHappyLife Answered:

If there is no chance of saving the marriage, if every option has been tried, or if there is physical abuse, it is time to divorce.

Annagetsmarried Answered:

You should get divorced if you have already tried everything possible to safe the relationsship and nothing works or if you notice that you don´t love your partner anymore.

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