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How to get a divorce when you are not happy in marriage?

How to get a divorce when you are not happy in marriage?

6 Answers

Tomalter Answered:

Discuss the issues with your spouse first. But if you both have decided to divorce then you should not think more. As dragging a dead relationship holds no significance. Consult your attorney and address issues like division of assets, child custody and alimony. First keep this matter to yourself before telling it to your friends and people out of your family.

Marriage_com Answered:

The first thing you need to do after deciding to divorce is schedule a consultation with afamily law attorney. The attorney will explain how the laws in your area apply to the particulars of your situation. Bring as much information as you can about assets, debts and income to his meeting.. Assets include real estate, bank and investment accounts, retirement plans, cars, and valuable personal property such as jewelry. Debts include mortgages, balances owed on credit cards, car and student loans. Also, bring your most recent tax returns and current pay stubs or other documentation of income. Tell your attorney about children and your feelings about custody of the children. Your attorney will help you file the appropriate information for your situation.

LoveCoach Answered:

What is causing you to contemplate the awful, painful, destructive road of divorce and how can I help?

WALLACE Answered:

Talk to a lawyer. If you don't have any or many shared possessions, or you can split things easily and amicably, then you can probably just have someone draft the paperwork. If you need an arbiter, you'll need to hire a divorce lawyer. The best way is to Google for one and look at the reviews.

REYNOLDS Answered:

Get counseling, first. If, after counseling, you both still want a divorce, decide if you're okay with a fast and easy divorce, or if you will need something more substantial.

PennysMommy1986 Answered:

First, determine if the marriage is reconcilable. If not, visit a lawyer to see what steps to take next.

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