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How to overcome infedility and restore marriage?

How to overcome infedility and restore marriage?

2 Answers

Jeremiah Answered:

The old adage “it takes two to tango” is certainly an important one to ponder if partners truly want to move beyond infidelity and begin to restore the marriage. Both partners, not just one, should be committed to the restoration of the marriage if the marriage is to be restored. Commitment does not merely mean the words, “I’m committed,” but also implies a willingness to submit to intense marital counseling for a prolonged period of time. If intimate sexual contact has been part of the infidelity, there must also be medical examinations for both partners.

Sarahrana Answered:

As for moving forward, both people in the relationship should take responsibility for building a new foundation. They should ask the other what he or she can do to rebuild the connection and what actions should be avoided.

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