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How to cope with marital infidelity?

How to cope with marital infidelity?

4 Answers

Jeremiah Answered:

If you or a loved one is involved marital infidelity, the most important step is self-care. Before making decisions about attorneys, confrontation with a partner, or finances, the victim should engage in constructive self-care. Rest, exercise, counseling, meditation, and healthy eating are examples of “best practices” that will help body and soul prepare for the strenuous season ahead. Do not be afraid to ask for help. Turned to trusted family members, friends, counselors, and clergy persons for support and sage advice. When body and soul are rested and ready, prepare for the more grueling aspects of life that arise when infidelity has reached into your family.

CHAVEZ Answered:

If you decide to leave your spouse because of marriage infidelity, don't let it sour your future relationships, or even the idea of having a future relationship. People make miistakes, but the best people are the ones who are honest about their mistakes, own up to them, and will work with you to make recompense. Focus on honesty in your future relationships, and do your best to move past your previous one and not let it color your present relationsihp.

YOUNG5 Answered:

The first thing to remember is that, in most cases, someone made a mistake, not a malicious act. If you can forgive them, and they are willing to work to regain your trust, then you can work together to rebuild your relationship. It will not be fixed overnight. It may never be the same as it was before. But by working together and building boundaries and guidelines as the couple you set out to be originally, you can get past it.

Sarahrana Answered:

In case of infidelity don´t blame each other. This will only ruin the marriage. It is totally understandable that you feel angry, but arguing isn't going to help sort things out. Seek help after the affair. Couple counselling or marriage guidance can really help.

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