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How to deal with infedility to have a great marriage?

How to deal with infedility to have a great marriage?

5 Answers

Jeremiah Answered:

Even though infidelity harms marriages, lots of marriages have survived and returned back to harmony. Believe it or not, some couples with infidelity issues in the past are now stronger than ever. Sometimes unfaithfulness is a cry out that the marriage needs help. Lovers can get tired of one another. They can get bored. They can cease intimacy. The person who was unfaithful knows whether she loves her husband still. She knows that she was unfaithful either because she no longer loves her husband, or, because she feels inadequate after ten years they hardly have sex. Obviously unfaithful acts are not the answer; but some couples come together stronger after being forced to face the music. Things were not going well, someone was neglected, someone was taken for granted, etc. If you can understand why your partner was feeling the way he feels and you think you can rebuild trust, go to family therapy and get started. When you start to address the problems that have been there like the elephant in the room, the strategies you employ (such as adding intimacy and romance back to the relationship) may lift your spirits and get you loving again.

COLE45 Answered:

Decide when you will be able to trust them even a little bit again. Give them little things, little moments to test them and to prove to yourself that you can trust them.

David Dawson Answered:

Focus on moving past the mistake. Don't dwell on the issue, agree that it happened, figure out how to figure them, and figure out if they are willing to work with you on moving forward.

HappyWifeHappyLife Answered:

It will take a lot of time to create a great marriage after infidelity, because the trust has been broken. The couple should seek professional help in order to open lines of communication and instill honesty and trust.

Sarahrana Answered:

Seek professional counseling and try to reconciliate. With full dedication from both sides it might work.

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